About Auto Forex Direct

Auto Forex Direct came about after Darren Richards, a UK based Internet Entrepreneur and Investor, was introduced to the concept of Forex Trading as an alternative form of investing and growing existing financial capital.

Initially sceptical, but intrigued by what appeared to be a huge potential, he started trading with several "off the shelf" automated trading signals (sometimes referred to as Bots or Expert Advisors) but with limited success, so he asked his own team of software engineers to create a bespoke automated analytic trading program that would give consistent high returns on his investment. Many versions were created, which took several thousand man-hours of testing and tweaking until Darren was confident to trade with the knowledge he was now getting solid returns.

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This system has since been perfected over time, now also pulling in data from various sources and news feeds to enable it to run completely autonomously, with no trading skill required whatsoever. The success of using Auto Forex Direct has been so profound, that Darren has now moved away from other forms of investments, such as property, given the much higher returns being achieved trading the Forex market using these automated signals.

Up until early 2017 Darren had been using this bespoke system exclusively himself, investing his own money and making consistent and solid returns. However, after several discussions with friends and business associates who also wanted to invest using this method, he has now decided to make the automated signals available for others to use to trade, and set up the Auto Forex Direct website to enable this.

Darren says "After using the Auto Forex Direct system myself and being extremely happy with the results, (I was achieving several times the returns I was getting elsewhere with property investments etc), friends and business associates naturally wanted to know how they could also invest using this software."

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About Darren Richards

Darren is a successful internet/software entrepreneur who has built up several multi-million pound businesses from nothing.

Darren's intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit has been the driving force behind a life punctuated by a catalogue of successes. His persistence and drive has led him from humble beginnings to one of the UK's leading dotcom millionaires. Darren founded the online dating service DatingDirect.com, which he then sold for £30 million.

After several other business ventures such as property investment, bars and restaurants, Darren has turned his attention to Forex Trading and this is what spawned Auto Forex Direct.

Learn more about Darren's previous business ventures and background at www.darrenrichards.com